Team Strategy 

As David Ogilvy, the father of advertising, once said, "Look for people who will aim for the remarkable." Team Strategic, understands the importance of a disciplined IMC process. We are trained CenterBrain® thinkers, utilizing both the left (strategic) and right (creative) sides of our brains to take complex concepts, make them simple, and add depth. We know you are entitled to great work, and expect us to meet and beat your deadlines. Please let us prove our worth to you.

Team Global Insights

At team Global Insights we are committed to applying the principles of Integrated Marketing Communication that we have learned through our academic and professional experience. From account management, media planning, and creative development; our group has the ability to provide a unique perspective. We believe in the power of universal insights and their ability to translate across cultures, continents and markets. We look forward to providing our Chinese employers with world-class work.

Team Creative

With the fastest growing consumer economy in the world, China is ready to build brands. Team Creative, a group of emerging Integrated Marketing Communications professionals at West Virginia University, is ready to help. Our team has worked together professionally for the past year, and we’ve proven we can create and effectively execute marketing campaigns. We know that a benefit is the driving force behind why people buy your company’s merchandise. Please allow us to find that key benefit for you and create advertising that builds your brand!

Team Innovation

In China’s fast growing consumer market, advertising and marketing plays a key role in helping your company’s products rise above the competition. As Integrated Marketing Communication professionals from West Virginia University, we’ll help provide innovative marketing strategies for your brand, product or service. We’ll start by sorting out and then focusing your product’s benefits and features to motivate your target audience to buy. Then we’ll execute all this in a range of social and traditional media. We look forward to sparking marketing innovation at your great company. 


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